SteveAre you worried about your child's development? Is he/she struggling in social, emotional and/or academic areas? Is discipline a problem? I am a psychologist with 30 years of experience in helping children and families thrive and I am confident that I can help.

The following are examples of problem areas where assistance may be needed:

Infancy/Toddler: Not meeting developmental expectations, difficult to calm, concerns about eating/sleeping patterns, lack of relatedness.

Preschooler: Poor frustration tolerance, obstinacy, rigidity, developmental delays, aggression, hyperactivity, poor social skills.

School Age Child: Learning difficulties, hard time making and keeping friends, excessive temper, low self esteem, anxiety, extreme fears, special needs. 

Adolescent: Defiance, apathy, poor decision making, not achieving to potential.

Parenting is probably the most challenging thing we will ever do and there is no "how to" book that could possibly cover the complexity of situations that arise. I will utilize observation, assessment tools, and consultation with other professionals to put the pieces of the puzzle together that will help explain your child's challenges. In collaboration with you, we will develop an action plan to follow that is tailored to your child and family's unique needs.