Services for Teens and Young Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome, Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder and Related Conditions

adolescent boyWhile many of these individuals are bright and talented, they often continue to struggle in several key areas of life. Difficulties with perspective taking and reading social cues can make dealing with the complexities of relationships at this stage in life overwhelming. This can lead to loneliness and low self esteem. Unfortunately, many of the young adults are under-employed based on their intellectual capacities. The social demands of job interviews and office dynamics contribute to this problem.

I have found that having a “life mentor” is very helpful for individuals in this stage in life. Together, we discuss situations that occur in their daily lives that are confusing to them. I give them feedback on possible alternative explanations for others behavior and responses that will lead to more successful outcomes. When this feedback is provided in the context of a non judgmental, trusting relationship, many individuals begin to thrive.