Steven provides effective treatment for challenges faced by children and teens including: ADHD, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, excessive screen time, peer difficulties, bullying, emotional outbursts, excessive temper tantrums, adjustment difficulties, sleep difficulties, lack of motivation, and parental separation/divorce.

What children do, think, or feel in any given situation is influenced by a variety of factors. These include: temperament, current environment, past experiences, family dynamics, thought patterns and their unique neurobiological profiles.

Steven Glazier will assess which of these areas are implicated in the presenting problem, communicate this effectively to the parents/caregivers and child/adolescent (if appropriate), and develop an action plan to address the challenge. Evidence-based practices drawn from CBT, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, and Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health will be utilized.

Steven may meet with the child and parent(s) together, the child alone, the parents alone, or the whole family together, depending on the clinical need. He also offers school consultations and collaboration with other professionals involved with the child.

With younger children, play may be used to build rapport, improve family relationships, and provide a window to the child’s inner world. Play is an effective tool to help children work through emotional conflicts that they are not able to access through talking.

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